` Lakeview Cemetery


                                                                                  The Dam

                                                                                            Me, Kit.

                                                                                        Kit               and                       Kit again.
Yes, THE Elliot Ness. Safety Director of the City of Cleveland, 1935-1942. The "torso murders" aka "Kingsbury Run murders" took place during his term of office. These murders were never solved and were a blemish on his excellent record of cleaing up crime and corruption, in and out of the city offices/police force. A totally awesome book, The Flesh, The Blood and The Fire, a work of fiction, by S.A. Swinarski, offers a vampirish solution to these murders. Even if you are not into vampire stories, this still makes for interesting reading, all taking place in the City of Cleveland during Ness' term of office. It was a book I could not put down until I finished it. Another book centered in/around Cleveland, Lakeview Cemetery, East Cleveland, Bratenahl... from this same author is The Raven. Both of these books are available at Mac's Backs Paperbacks (the most awesome new/used bookstore in Northeast Ohio) at 1820 Coventry Rd., Cleveland Hts., OH, 216-321-2665. Ask for Suzanne! If you want the true, non-fiction facts about the Kingsbury Run Murders, you can find it at  Crime Libray: Kingsbury Run Murders


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