3jane, my sugar glider:
  HEAR a mad sugar glider !!
  HEAR a sugar glider barking.

What's a Sugar Glider? They resemble North American flying squirrels but are actually classified as Petaurus breviceps, a small nocturnal marsupial from Australia. They measure about six (6) inches in the body with the same length in the tail. Sugar Gliders have a "mink"-like coat that is gray, with a black stripe that goes up the body. They also have excessive skin between the front and rear legs. They use this when gliding...making them look like a kite. Sugar Gliders only weigh between 90 and 130 grams. They can live about 8 years in the wild, 15 years in captivity.

This image is NOT 3jane. Just a 'gliding' pic off the net.